School Uniforms

Preschool Boys Uniform
Preschool Girls Uniform
Kgn-3rd Uniform Boys
Kgn-3rd Unifrom Girls
Grade 4-8 Uniform Boys
Grade 4-8 Uniform Girls
High School Boys
High School Girls
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Official Face Masks

Uniform Guidelines

  • Students must be in full uniform Monday – Friday. On Fridays, students are allowed to wear their blue Phyl’s Academy T-shirt. Parents will be called to bring the correct uniform or remove the child from school if not in proper dress code.
  • Children must not wear jewelry to school, children with pierced ears may wear posts or small ear knobs. If a child is required to wear a chain, it must be fully covered by the uniform blouse or shirt, fully buttoned. On no account must heavy chains be worn over their shirts. Students who come to school with this type of jewelry will be asked to take it off.
  • Boys must always wear belts with properly fitting trousers. Loose trousers worn below the waist will not be tolerated at school. Nail polish and/or hair beads are not part of the school uniform and should not be worn by girls. Hair by boys and girls should be well-groomed for school wear.