Elementary school

Current education philosophy now supports and encourages students to be introduced to reading at a young age. At Phyl’s Academy, we have always supported this philosophy. In the Kindergarten year we continue to introduce our students to the pleasures of reading through a simple curriculum based on discovery, observation and phonetic instruction.


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Our well-rounded curriculum includes reading, mathematics, social studies, science, art, and an introduction to computers/iPads.

Our daily schedule includes physical activities, learning centers, block play, storytelling, and lessons based on concrete activities that encourage our students to develop their physical senses.

By the end of a Phyl’s Academy Kindergarten year, our students are reading fluently. With their developing skills and confidence, they are well prepared to handle the Elementary School years that lie ahead.

Grades 1-5

During the Elementary School years, the students’ intellects are gradually developing to include abstract thought patterns. As their world expands beyond their homes and classrooms, they begin to observe and question life. Phyl’s Academy is known for excellence in private education in South Florida. We utilize their inquisitive nature by providing many opportunities for exploration, investigation and discovery within their classrooms, and through field trips into new environments.

In these grades, our academic curriculum expands to include Foreign Language, Computer Literacy, Language Arts, Reading Comprehension, Oral Presentation, Creative Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Multicultural Studies, Physical Education, and Art.

Special projects like the science fairs and social studies fair, black expo, art exhibitions and spelling bees encourage our students to work cooperatively with their peers, enhancing the learning experience while fostering social development.

Through a creative approach to instruction, students realize the connection between seemingly abstract subjects and the world at large. At Phyl’s Academy, we provide a well rounded, top quality education that allows students develop the ability to think independently, to solve problems, and the confidence to utilize these skills in life.