Middle school

During the Middle School years, pre-teen students begin to explore life beyond their childhood horizons. Intellectually and physically, they are changing and growing in new ways. They are beginning to experience maturity and all its challenges, and much of life is unfamiliar territory.

As their experiences expand, these students begin to seek answers and search for their own independent voice.


Old & New World History
Physical Education
Creative Writing
Pre-Algebra, Algebra
Earth, Life, & Physical Science
Social Science
Language Arts
Visual Arts


At Phyl’s Academy, we provide many opportunities for Middle school students to broaden their perspectives through a well-rounded curriculum, field trips, research skill development, and the latest available technology.

Organizational Skills

Expanded organizational skills which will prepare them for a smooth transition into high school, college and the greater world.

At Phyl’s Academy, our supportive environment helps Middle School students build confidence, self-esteem and good work ethics – qualities for a productive, accomplished life.