We accept scholarships and grants from VPK, Step Up for Students, & AAA.

Step Up

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Scholarship for Florida schoolchildren

Step Up For Students offers five scholarships in Florida.

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The AAA Scholarship Foundation team has invested more than 17 years devoted to passionately advocating for the under-served, under-represented and academically disadvantaged members of our communities. Find out how you can easily transform your state taxes into AAA Tax Credits and change the future of a child in need.

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School Readiness

Florida’s School Readiness Program offers financial assistance to eligible low-income families for early education and care so they can become financially self-sufficient and their young children can be successful in school in the future. Services vary based on individual needs and range from extended day care to after-school and school-age care in some instances.

Florida’s Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program or VPK is a free educational program that prepares 4-year-olds for kindergarten and beyond. Parents of 4-year-oldswith special needs have an option outside the classroom setting ‒ VPK Specialized Instructional Services (VPK-SIS).

To apply for School Readiness or VPK please visit the link below