How To Apply

K-12 Students' Application Process
A student is admitted to Phyl's Academy on the basis of former record, interview, standardized test scores, and entrance examination. Registration may occur at any time if there are class openings. All students grades Kindergarten-12th will be tested. After receiving all of the above, once the testing is completed and the results reviewed, parents will be informed if their child can be accepted.
Application Process:
  • Campus Tour - Prospective Parents are invited to visit our school. Please call 954-731-7524 to schedule your tour. Tours are conducted Mondays through Fridays from 9:30 - 11:30 a.m.
  • Recommendation and Records - All students entering K through 12th Grade must have their current school fill in the Phyl's Academy Student Profile Form form which must be sent directly from the school to Phyl's via postal mail or fax. Based on this recommendation, the student will be called in to schedule an appointment for entrance exams.
  • Testing - All students entering K through 12th Grade are required to complete an entrance exam. The fee for this test is $60 (non-refundable). The results of the exam will be discussed with the parent(s) and a registration appointment can be set up at this time.
Additional Registration Information:
A student's status will be revised yearly and re-enrollment will be based upon the student's academic progress financial and disciplinary record. Re-registration of a student is finalized when the following have been received:
  1. Re-registration forms
  2. Yearly medical examination
  3. Re-registration and matriculation fees
Please Note: We also accept VPK, Step Up for Students, the McKay Scholarships, AAA & now PLSA.