Extra Curricular Activities


Phyl’s Academy Concert Band

The Phyl’s Academy Concert Band offers students from Grades 4 to 12 the opportunity to learn music in a safe and fun environment as part of our school’s extra-curricular program. The Band is an important part of our school’s student life, performing at all major functions such as the school’s opening and closing ceremonies, graduations and other major events. The Band performs several times a year and even showcases the musical talents of students once a year at its annual Art and Music Recital and Exhibition… Read More



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High School at Phyl’s Academy 

Students are challenged with the rigor of an internationally acclaimed curriculum. Students have the opportunity to receive dual certificates honored by American and International Universities. College Preparatory Instruction & Guidance for Post-Secondary Level Education.

The High School curriculum will include honors level and college placement level classes, allowing students to take exams for issuance of college credits and certificates. Students will take SAT/ACT preparatory courses, explore the various universities available to them, learn how to complete college applications, and pursue a host of scholarship opportunities. Our High School students will become independent, self-directed learners, with an active role in their own education!

High School Course

  • Honors Level Classes
  • Advanced Placement Classes
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Research-Based Learning
  • Study & Research Skills Workshops
  • College Preparatory Instruction & Guidance for Post–Secondary Level Education