GA Pre-K


GA Pre-K is a state funded program offered at Phyl's Academy. The Early Childhood student is a very interesting one. In comparison to the other age groups, this student undergoes the largest physical and mental changes within a school year. These students must develop new gross motor, fine motor, and intellectual skills, while adjusting to their new environment. For many younger students, this is their first experience with non-family members, and their first exposure to a social environment of their peers.
At Phyl's Academy our comfortable, nurturing environment helps to ease the transition as they grow and adjust in these formative years. Classrooms divided into learning centers intrinsically foster academic, social, and cognitive development, while entertaining the students as they explore and discover. Our program encourages development through a curriculum based in storytelling, reading-readiness, pre-math skills, environment (the world around us), and artistic expression. Concrete activities allow the children to learn through their physical senses and ensure that each lesson is an experience they will remember.
Pre-School Courses
  • Pre-Math
  • Computer
  • Pre-Reading
  • Environment
  • Writing Skills

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EHS (Early Head Start)

  • 6 Wks - 2 yrs old
  • Federally Funded Program
Early Head Start (EHS) programs serve infants and toddlers under the age of 3. EHS programs provide intensive comprehensive child development and family support services.